Life On Pause - Embracing the New Normal

Written By Shelley Devine

Episode 2 - Life on Pause, Embracing the New Normal

If there is one thing in life that is certain, it is that everything changes! Life is always moving, even if it appears to us to be on hold because of a crisis, like the pandemic we are currently being quarantined in on a worldwide level. A pause or a disruption like this into the flow of our life or to our current circumstances can be very unsettling and chaotic. 
Chaotic times do bring fear because of the uncertainty that comes with it. If you look at history, in the past the world has re-created itself through times of chaos. Like after WWII, from 1945 -1968 there was so much change, it was a time of worldwide destruction & death, but after the death and destruction, the pendulum swung, paradigms and belief systems were dismantled and with chaos  there is always the promise of rebirth...  Opportunities were available that hadn't been there before, there was great growth and America prospered. 

Today we are faced with a similar time of uncertainty. Life on pause was more like coming to a screeching halt! Confined to home with no end in sight...who would of thought that that was going to be a our new normal? 

In Episode 2, Life on Pause Embracing the New Normal  Soul sisters, Cheli Grace & Shelley Devine discuss how getting back to our lives the way it was before COVID19 is a thing of the past and how embracing the new normal is the way to move forward while our life is on pause.

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