Clear Vision - Lifting the Veil of Illusion

Written by Shelley Devine
Episode 3 Clear Vision - Lifting the Veil of Illusion
Illusion is something that is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. Its a false belief or idea, a deceptive appearance or impression of reality.
There are 3 Main Types of Optical Illusions-Literal IllusionsPhysiological Illusions Cognitive IllusionsAll three types have a common thread - the perception of the image given to the brain doesn't measure up that's why optical illusions are referred to as a "trick" of the eye.Unlike the magician or trickster who lets us know up front that they are going to deceive us by a slight of hand trick, we have to lift the veil of illusion and begin the journey into our soul. We need to see clearly where we have been lying to ourselves like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain, holding back the truth of our authentic self from knowing that we are courageous , knowledgeable, and have a heart. Illusionelicits the questions "what…

The New Normal - Building Endurance Through Vulnerability

Written by Shelley Devine
Right about now if you're like me cabin fever has set in and you're thinking enough already.... never mind COVID 19! I want to break loose!!  
I don't know about you but I'm feeling the loss of being FREE to  just GO & do something, anything outside my home. I'm longing for a  fun game to play with friends or our traditional spring time bootcamp  games like shark tank or dodge ball, and all the shits and giggles we  have! I feel like my life, at least the freedom to go and do what I  want, is under attack because of conditions beyond my control.    
Not being able to get back to a normal routine or the way things use to be is down right unreal and lonely!!

I mean who could have imagined we had to give up meeting for  bootcamp or going to the gym. We had to give up time spent with loved  ones or friends. We were told to work from home, wash our hands, and wear face masks! We were asked to stay away from each other & wait in …

Going It Alone

Written by Shelley Devine

Going it ALONE
can be tough....keeping ourselves  & our minds occupied may be leaving some of us with overwhelming  feelings of isolation, especially when our world is changing so vastly  with a blink of an eye. In over 10 years of holding classes at the  Boston Common I've never had to shut down my bootcamp classes, not once!  Together we've been through hurricanes, blizzards and even a bombing!

Even though we are in quarantine right now, we must be reminded  that we are extremely fortunate that we have technology and the  resources to reach out to one another and communicate via social media,  etc. This in itself, is a MIRACLE we should all feel very appreciative  of and thankful for!

Just think about what your grandparents endured during the world  wars, no communication with loved ones for months or even years! They  made huge sacrifices during those dark times! Of which sacrifices to  date, are still beyond our comprehension tod…

Life On Pause - Embracing the New Normal

Written By Shelley Devine

Episode 2 - Life on Pause, Embracing the New Normal
If there is one thing in life that is certain, it is that everything changes! Life is always moving, even if it appears to us to be on hold because of a crisis, like the pandemic we are currently being quarantined in on a worldwide level. A pause or a disruption like this into the flow of our life or to our current circumstances can be very unsettling and chaotic.  Chaotic times do bring fear because of the uncertainty that comes with it. If you look at history, in the past the world has re-created itself through times of chaos. Like after WWII, from 1945 -1968 there was so much change, it was a time of worldwide destruction & death, but after the death and destruction, the pendulum swung, paradigms and belief systems were dismantled and with chaos  there is always the promise of rebirth...  Opportunities were available that hadn't been there before, there was great growth and America prospered.
Today we…

The Covid Call that deepened our bond and created our business on a decade’s old intention.

Written By Cheli Gracefor Thrive Global
The pandemic and its stressors have made us stop, reflect, and reassess our life with a new 360 Degree view. Deep into the still and silent days of the pandemic I reverted to calling friends and having long chats on the phone, something that I had not done in ages. Time, life struggles and life juggles made it virtually impossible to chat for more than 5 minutes at a time.On this particularly hot and steamy day, sitting outside enjoying the sun, I dialed my lifelong friend to catch up. The conversation was the usual and then we went deep. We talked about our life, where we currently were, the blessings of having our health and the passions that continued to burn deep inside of our soul.We recounted lifetimes of events, laughed, cried and realized that we had come full circle to begin to birth what we had set out and intentioned to do over a decade ago. I was reminded of the Austin trip where we talked about creating a company. I slightly…

Many Entrepreneurs are Disconnected from Themselves

Written by Cheli Grace

Many entrepreneurs are disconnected from themselves.
They embrace the LEFT BRAIN side of BUSINESS.They think they have the answers in funnels, leads and challenges. But, the disconnection has nothing to do with that. It has to do with that “secret sauce,” that “ vital force” that gives you and your business that VIBE. That special edge.Are you missing that?Are you searching but can’t find it?Does your strategic plan have you using  that  “good old system of success” that makes you wealthy? The one that brings you MONEY, FAME, and POWER?There’s  nothing wrong with that, THEY  are important  – who wouldn’t want THEM?But THEY are insufficient. If that is all YOU have, I’m sure you’re searching.Are you?All we have is TIME.How much time is TIME taking away from YOU trying to find the answer?As YOU throw more money into marketing thinking that it will make a difference?But it doesn’t.Are you growing as a person?Do you find meaning in everything you do, and are you feel…

Divine Grace

Written by Cheli Grace & Shelley Devine 
Episode One - Divine Grace It’s really important, especially during these times that our life is on pause to pay attention to the little details of life. It's funny how opportunities and people come into our lives and you can either pay attention or ignore it. After reconnecting again over a phone call during the pandemic, Cheli Grace and Shelley Devine  decided to start where they left off. They met over a decade ago at CMED ((Caroline Myss Educational Institute) while taking the last 2-year class of Sacred Contracts led by renowned speaker, writer and teacher Caroline Myss. Inspired by their teacher and feeling a deep need to serve during these uncertain times, they launched the Evolve 360 Show to cover all the basics of life in general and help people become aware, take a step back and work at being "at ease" with themselves and become more aligned with God in their lives. 
3 Simple Tools To Help Deal With A Shattered Reality