Many Entrepreneurs are Disconnected from Themselves

Written by Cheli Grace

Many entrepreneurs are disconnected from themselves.

They embrace the LEFT BRAIN side of BUSINESS.

They think they have the answers in funnels, leads and challenges. But, the disconnection has nothing to do with that.

It has to do with that “secret sauce,” that “ vital force” that gives you and your business that VIBE. That special edge.

Are you missing that?

Are you searching but can’t find it?

Does your strategic plan have you using  that  “good old system of success” that makes you wealthy? The one that brings you MONEY, FAME, and POWER?

There’s  nothing wrong with that, THEY  are important  – who wouldn’t want THEM?

But THEY are insufficient. 

If that is all YOU have, I’m sure you’re searching.

Are you?

All we have is TIME.

How much time is TIME taking away from YOU trying to find the answer?

As YOU throw more money into marketing thinking that it will make a difference?

But it doesn’t.

Are you growing as a person?

Do you find meaning in everything you do, and are you feeling GOOD about it?

You have Fame and Fortune or Power and Fame but there is something missing?

That "SOMETHING" that you just can’t put your finger on – that VIBE that makes your company and everyone around it BUZZ.


Feel the BUZZ.

Welcome to our Tribe.


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