Divine Grace

 Written by Cheli Grace & Shelley Devine  

Episode One - Divine Grace 

It’s really important, especially during these times that our life is on pause to pay attention to the little details of life. It's funny how opportunities and people come into our lives and you can either pay attention or ignore it. 

After reconnecting again over a phone call during the pandemic, Cheli Grace and Shelley Devine  decided to start where they left off. They met over a decade ago at CMED ((Caroline Myss Educational Institute) while taking the last 2-year class of Sacred Contracts led by renowned speaker, writer and teacher Caroline Myss

Inspired by their teacher and feeling a deep need to serve during these uncertain times, they launched the Evolve 360 Show to cover all the basics of life in general and help people become aware, take a step back and work at being "at ease" with themselves and become more aligned with God in their lives. 

3 Simple Tools To Help Deal With A Shattered Reality

1. Close Your Eyes / Breathe Deep / Go Inside Yourself - Taking a deep breathe and closing your eyes is a great way to start with a meditation practice...just start taking several deep breathes and keep extending the time. Once you get the hang of this you'll start to notice thoughts pass your mind. Begin to listen to your inner world. Align with what’s going on with YOU, by focusing on the things you'd prefer instead of the external world (that is going in all these different directions, with you just trying to keep up with it all). We tend to compare ourselves to what's externally outside of us. We can't do that anymore. Your energy goes everywhere and that can be exhausting. Guarding your energy and power center is key to having a balanced and aligned life. If you feel stressed, unbalanced, exhausted you have to have a hard conversation with yourself. What is it that you really want?  By going inside you will find the answers you need that often times tends not to go with the tribe. Listen and feel what comes, then choose wisely on how to proceed one day at a time.  

2. Let Go of Expectations - Life does not always happen the way we plan it. Things seem out of control and that can lead to much unnecessary stress and even anxiety for some people. We all like to have some measure of certainty, especially in our life, but it may be time to shift your thinking in a different way.  With our lives on pause, it may be time to take a different approach and fine tune how we interact with what we expect from one another. It may be time to reassess whether or not we should do the things we want to do. It may be time to purge what is no longer serving our quality of life especially if we are losing energy because our expectations are not being met. The reality is that letting go of expectations opens the opportunity for a greater creative force to come in and surprise us with a more satisfying experience of life if we let it. By letting go we are surrendering our willfulness to a higher power, to God, who is all knowing and trusting that the outcome is in our highest good.

2. Appreciate What You Do Have- If we start to pay more attention to the little details of life, we may start to see the world with a new set of eyes. Things we may not of noticed or perhaps we neglected may feel more wholesome now. Sometime the simple things in life make us feel better and at ease and when we acknowledge them that makes us feel better too. The saying gratitude is the best attitude is soo true! Gratitude shows having appreciation for someone or something and it says to God give me more of this good feeling vibration!

In their first episode, Divine Grace- Reality Shattered  they share how they met, what they do, and why they created the show while they discuss how reality has been shattered due to COVID-19.

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