Going It Alone


Written by Shelley Devine

Going it ALONE
can be tough....keeping ourselves  & our minds occupied may be leaving some of us with overwhelming  feelings of isolation, especially when our world is changing so vastly  with a blink of an eye. In over 10 years of holding classes at the  Boston Common I've never had to shut down my bootcamp classes, not once!  Together we've been through hurricanes, blizzards and even a bombing!
Even though we are in quarantine right now, we must be reminded  that we are extremely fortunate that we have technology and the  resources to reach out to one another and communicate via social media,  etc. This in itself, is a MIRACLE we should all feel very appreciative  of and thankful for!
Just think about what your grandparents endured during the world  wars, no communication with loved ones for months or even years! They  made huge sacrifices during those dark times! Of which sacrifices to  date, are still beyond our comprehension today as we deal with this new  global pandemic.
Going it ALONE for the next few (maybe several)  weeks by comparison to what our elders endured isn't even close but it  doesn't mean that it won't be tough for some. For those who are  struggling with being ALONE or maybe going stir crazy from being without  physical and mental activity it may be time to change your thinking by  simply changing your perspective.
Seeing the opportunity in spending time ALONE can release the resistance associated with the fear of missing out or the worry of things no longer being the same.   

This ALONE time has given me pause to contemplate and reconnect with the universal truth that we are ALL ONE.  That we are ALL connected to the whole of humanity and the whole of  life herself!  Which makes us ALL responsible and accountable for the  choices we make and the actions we take moving forward. It's not just  about us anymore, we must consider others. 

In knowing this, we must now EVOLVE and expand that universal truth to HONOR ONE ANOTHER. This truth is hard to ignore when a deadly virus is sweeping the globe, showing us just how vulnerable we ALL are!  

ALL those around us are dealing with the very same issues
Right  now isolation is a small sacrifice that will  positively effect so many other  lives, especially those on the front  lines assisting others who are in  dire need of medical attention. We owe it to them to remain in isolation! Now more than ever we are  faced with uncertainty concerning all aspects of life which includes  death!  
On the upside,  Isolation is a great way to contemplate ones life and ones connection  to the greater whole of existence. Being quiet and taking the time to  connect with ourselves through contemplation or meditation can also  guide us into creating a better future not just for ourselves but for  all of man kind.   
Through bootcamp some of you overcame limiting beliefs about  your capabilities and preferences & discovered new areas to explore  in your life  and created new experiences that have brought you greater  joy and fulfillment.I feel so blessed to have contributed to that growth  in a small way.  
Some have also developed a  mental toughness that I believe  sets you apart from those around you. Your self discipline, commitment  & determination demonstrates a strong character that I would  encourage during these uncertain times to become  leaders in your  community.   
Small acts of kindness go far and at this time take some creative effort...We ALL have unique  talents to share, unique gifts to help lighten someone else's  day.   
What can you do from the confinement of your home to bring cheer to a neighbor or someone through online social media? We can reach so many more people than ever before!  
Just last night I had a student return all the way from Taiwan to  participate in my online Yin Yoga class! That tells me the entire world  is watching....wanting to reconnect with old friends and even make new  ones!!  
Change is inevitable, it is how we evolve as a species. We really aren't that ALONE if you  think about it, we just have to adapt to the progressive change this  virus has thrust upon us and become responsible, courageous people  striving to be the best possible versions of ourselves not just solely  for ourselves but for the rest of the world as well!


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